Lady LaDonna Seger, Grand High Priestess

Class Name:  LaDonna's Paladins

Symbol:  Sarenrae and the Dawnflower                    

Egyptian Symbols:  Ankh for Life and the Pryamid for Strength 

Colors:  Cranberry, Sapphine Blue, Emerald Green, Antique Ruby, Navy Blue, Dark Topaz,

            Bittersweet Chocolate, Cooper Rose, Coral Pink, Amethyst Purple, Silver

 Class Prayer:  "Celtic Prayer"

Motto:  Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable

Slogan:  "If you believe in something, believe in it all the way"  Walt Disney

Flowers:  Yellow Roses, Star Gaze Lillies, Daisies, Geraniums, Lilacs, Gardenia's Honeysuckle   

Fun Symbols:  Happy Hippos, Antique Merry-go-Rounds, and the animals, M & M's Chocolate

                    of any kind   

Fun Characters:  Paddington Bea, Eeyore, Fairies, Poombah & Timon (Lion King) 

Birds:  Robins & Hummingbirds                   

Animals: Rainbow and Brown Trout, Tennessee Walking Horse, Black Labs, Toy Brown Poodle

Toys:  Tractors, Trains, Fishing Poles and Muscle Cars

Collectibles:  Quilts, Cow Parade Cows, Stuffed Bears                

Scripture:  "All things are possible to those who Believe" Mark 9:23                          

Songs:  "I Want a HIppopotamus for Christmas", "Little Red Riding Hood" (Sam & the 

               Pharaohs), "Pontoon", "What a Wonderful World", "Boot, Scootin' Boogie", "How

            Great Thou Art", "I Believe", "If I Can Dream", "Old Time Rock & Roll". "Sloop

                John B", "You'll Never Walk Alone"                  

Class Advisor:  Lady Diana Schmitz

Class Grandmother:  Lady Jan Hiebert, PGHP

Class Great Grandmother:  Lady Laura West, PGHP           

2024-2025 "Treating with Love and Care, a Burn Child's Body, Mind, and Soul"

Services for Funds from the Special Project

1)  Emergent Burn Care - Chemical, Electrical and Fire Burns

2) Wound Care, Scar Management and Burn Reconstruction

3) Psychological Services

4) Rehabilitation Services

    Physical Therapy

    Occupational Therapy

 5) Social and Child LIfe Services

Funds will be divided between the following:

Shriners Children's Texas (Galveston)

Shriners Children's Northern California (Sacramento)

Shriners Children's Ohio (Dayton)

Shriners Children's Boston