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This page is designed to give you an overview of Grand Chorus.  Information is provided in a question-and-answer format.  Read through the topics to get an insight on how Grand Chorus works and what you need to know if you would like to Join.  If you have additional questions or need more information, please contact the current Grand Chorus Directress.  You can find her information below.  Make sure you indicate Grand Chorus as the subject of your email or mention it in your text or phone message so that she will be better prepared to quickly find your query and give you a prompt response.

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What is Grand Chorus?


Grand Chorus is comprised of Ladies from any Court and Members At Large who like to sing and enjoy being part of a singing group.  We sing at Grand Council for the Church Service (if one is included), Formal Opening, all the regular Sessions, Memorial Service, and Installation.  Music is provided in advance and practices are scheduled at Grand Council.  (Refer to the tentative schedule for dates and times of practices.)  Our music helps set the mood and supports the theme of the Sessions.  Our Group is led by the Grand Chorus Directress and accompanied by the Grand Musician.  These positions are appointed by the Grand High Priestess and may change each year.


Are there auditions?


No auditions are required.  All Ladies who like to sing are encouraged to participate.  If you are a Soprano – we need you.  Please sign up.  If you are an Alto – we need you.  Please sign up.  If you are a Tenor or a Bass – we need you.  Please sign up.  If you are somewhere in between one of the previous mentioned voices – we need you.  Please sign up.


What if I can’t participate at all the sessions? 


Its OK.  Many Ladies participate in Grand Chorus on a part-time basis.  This may be because of other assignments at Grand Council, or limited attendance at Grand Council due to work or family responsibilities at home.  Hopefully, you will attend as many practices and sessions as your schedule allows.  If you anticipate limited attendance, please try to familiarize yourself with the music provided in advance.  This will help you be prepared to enter right in with whatever the group is singing.


What if I have another assignment?


Many of the Ladies who participate in Grand Chorus are also Executive Aides, Honorary Aides, Honorary Pages, Line Officers, or have other special assignments at Grand Council.  If you have one of these assignments, you can still sing with the Grand Chorus.  If you are an Executive Aide, Honorary Aide or Honorary Page, let your chairman know that you would like to sing with the Grand Chorus and ask to be assigned to a station near the Grand Chorus if possible.  This will allow you to perform your assigned duties and move to the Grand Chorus area to sing when needed then return to your station.  If you are a Line Officer you can come sing with the Grand Chorus but line up with your class when they are introduced.  Make sure to pay attention to where you need to be in your class lineup to avoid confusion and make things proceed smoothly.  If you have another special assignment, you must ask permission from whomever is in charge of your assignment to be able to sing with the Grand Chorus.  Be aware that permission may be granted on a limited basis or may be denied.  These movements are a bit of a juggle but can be accommodated if you get permission in advance and pay attention to the plan.


I like to sing but, I might not be good enough.


You will always be better than “good enough.”  Often when we sing alone, we find that we might drift off tune or lose timing.  It’s singing together that makes us better singers.  This has been proven year after year in the Grand Chorus.  There is joy in music.  That joy manifests itself in a smile that makes us open our mouths and hearts and let that gift flow.  Don’t let that self-doubt deny your gift.  Come sing with the Grand Chorus and experience the joy in singing.


Is there a special dress or uniform?


There is no specially purchased Grand Chorus dress.  Ladies who have no other assignment are asked to wear a white or cream top with a dark skirt for Formal Opening and Installation.  These Ladies may also wear any appropriate Court attire for the remainder of the sessions.  Ladies who have special or Class assignments will need to dress as appropriate for their assignment or as directed by their Grand Officer.  All Ladies attending Sunday Service should dress up appropriately for church.  Please wear your fez for all sessions including Sunday Service, Formal Opening, and Installation.


What kind of music do we sing?


Music is selected in advance and approved by the Grand High Priestess.  Many of the tunes are Class songs that the Grand High Priestess chose for her Class.  These are supplemented by songs that follow the theme of the Grand Council or are appropriate for the situation such as hymns for the Sunday Service or solemn selections for Memorial Service.  These may be further supplemented by happy upbeat songs just for fun.  All music is provided to Grand Chorus members in the month before Grand Council so that they have time to familiarize themselves with the selections.  Grand Chorus members may not be acquainted with all the songs selected.  For this reason, they are encouraged to search for them on line to get a feel for the music.


What if I can’t participate every year?


Not a problem.  Grand Chorus commitment is for a year at a time.  Each year, you will be invited to participate.  If you would like to sing with the Grand Chorus, send a response to the Grand Chorus Directress so she may add you to the list for that year.  Please be aware that your information will be kept on file and you may be contacted to ask if you would like to participate again.


What should I expect once I sign up?


When the Grand Chorus Directress receives your request to participate, she will do a little happy dance then, she will add you to the list of participants for that year.  Once music is selected and approved, you will receive a welcome letter that includes practice times and information on modes of dress.  You will also receive the music list for that year.  Once the best version of the music is located, it will be sent to you.   Please put your music in a black 3 ring binder.  It is helpful to keep the music in the order in which it will be sung. Once sung, the songs that are repeated during the week can be easily moved to the next scheduled time.  This avoids confusion and helps you to easily locate the appropriate music.  Please put your name and Court No inside the binder so that it can be returned to you if lost.  You will be asked to sign in and verify your contact information at practice.  The number of Ladies participating from each Court will be included in the Grand Chorus Directress’ report in session on Tuesday.


What items do I need to bring with me for Grand Chorus?


Please bring the black binder you have loaded with the music for the current Grand Council.  Include your welcome letter and music list so you can note any last-minute changes.  Remember to bring your fez to Church Service, Formal Opening, sessions, and Installation.  Carry your current dues card with you to all sessions as you will be required to present it for admittance and readmittance if you should leave the room.  Dress appropriately and wear your brightest smile.


How do I sign up?


Contact the current Grand Chorus Directress via email, text, or phone to give her the good news.  Remember to reference Grand Chorus in your response.  Include your name, Court name and number, email address, and the telephone numbers where you can be reached.  As you make your plans for travel, remember to update the Grand Chorus Directress on late arrivals or cancellations.  Congratulations on deciding to be part of a fun-loving group of friendly Ladies who love to sing.



Current Grand Chorus Directress Information:


Lady Cathy Smith, PHP, Grand Chorus Directress

3124 Copland Blvd.

Toledo, OH 43614


Cell:  419-265-3429 (call or text)