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The Caring Lotus Ladies

Lady Kate Kalmbach, Grand High Priestess


Symbol:  Mount Ranier with Evergreen Trees and a Lotus Flower

Egyptian Symbols:  Lotus Flower

Theme:  Cherish and Respect Each Other

                 Children are Reason Enough

                 Care for the Children

                 Care for our Members

                 Care for your Court

                 Care for our Order

Motto:   Care, Be Kind, Love, Smile and Laugh

Colors:  Pink, Navy Blue, Forest Green, Yellow and Gold

Flowers:  Pink Tulip, Yellow Tulip, Yellow Daffodil, White Rose

Birds:  Goldfinch and Hummingbirds

Animals:  Orca Whales, Starfish, Clams, Deer

Fun Symbols:  "Flower" the Skunk, Ruby Slippers, Rainbows, Scandinavian Trolls

Scripture:  1st Corinthians 16:14 Let all that you do be done with Love.

Prayer:  Psalm 94:19 Lord, when doubts fill my mind, when my heart is in

                turmoil.  Quiet me and give me renewed Hope and Cheer

Songs:  "Washington, My Home", "Look to the Rainbow", "In the Garden", "Let There

               be Peace on Earth", "There are Smiles", "Frieda, My Clam Digger Sweetheart"

2021-22 Special Project -  Out and About

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2021 Grand Council Tucson AZ    

2021 Grand Council Tucson AZ

2021 Grand Council Fun Night Tucson AZ        

2021 Grand Council Tucson AZ